As The Dawn Breaks

On this early morning in late October, I waited for the sun to break the horizon and light this scene. The glow was beginning to appear at my back as I took this shot. Within seconds, the scene had changed. In less than a minute, the pinks to the west, reflected in the water, were completely washed out and gone.

Photographing a sunrise can be interesting. But, sometimes, recording the back-lit results of that sunrise can be awesome.

Until next time...

Stone Church at Dawn - West Boylston

Summer May Be Over, But...

Summer may be just a fleeting memory, but it lives on with the images we made then. This image was made several 'thens' ago. The year was 2011 and the camera was a Nikon P7000. That particular point-and-shoot had recently been released and I took it out for a test drive.

I accidentally discovered this image today and decided to process it using some new techniques that were not even available at the time the image was taken.

So, don't let the falling leaves and the coming winter get you down. Review your summer images and remember those bygone days.

Until next time...

Yellow Flower Framed

Last Farmer's Market of 2014 - Sterling

Today, was the final Farmer's Market for the year in Sterling, Massachusetts. The market takes place every Friday, during the season, and begins at 3pm. In fact, the vendors cannot begin selling their wares until 3 o'clock per order of the Sterling Board of Selectmen. A rule that worked to my advantage.

I arrived before 3, which gave me the opportunity to take some photographs before the displays were pawed over by the patrons. This display of tomatoes was eye-catching (at least to me). The way the light played off the more exposed fruit initially caught my eye. A defect in the box allowed a ray of light to enter at the back of the box, highlighting some of the tomatoes located there.

Until next time...

Last Farmer's Market - Sterling 2014

Remember the Sensations

Today, I am posting an image that I took recently while photographing The Amazing Sensations at The Bluffs at Danforth Bay. It was a great show and I appreciate the opportunity to have photographed this great group of guys. 

Until next time...

Have You Seen A Moose?

"Have you seen a moose?" This question seems to nearly always find its way into most conversations in New Hampshire. Where are they? Almost nobody I know has seen one in several years. Yes, there is an occasional sighting, but where are all of the moose that are supposed to inhabit this state in multitudes. Is this state wasting taxpayer's dollars warning drivers of moose crossing the highways? I keep looking, others are looking, in fact it appears as though everyone up here is looking for the elusive moose.

I think I have an answer to where the moose have gone. People are asking the wrong question. They should be asking, "Have you seen the tiger?" Are tigers decimating our moose population?

So, beginning now, start looking for a tiger. Maybe you'll see a moose!

Until next time...

Have You Seen the Tiger

Hidden Color

Wait a minute! How do you get by calling this hidden color? I don't see any hidden colors here.

There is a semi-hidden alcove off the main drag in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. I stumbled on this area while photographing a shop on the main drag. The bench is unique and the colors are bright and vivid, while the shop in the background gives the foreground a sense of place. Dappled lighting usually does not work when photographing people, but this is a case where I believe it does. 

Until next time...

Butterfly Bench - Wolfboro

The Last Shades of Autumn

The colors of Autumn are rapidly fading at the base of the White Mountains. A trip today into more northern New Hampshire, on Route 16 toward Mount Washington, found many trees on the hillsides already turned to brown. This did not dissuade many leaf-peepers, with a plethora of the vehicles seen being from Massachusetts. If color was their goal, they may have done better on the Mohawk Trail in their own state.

I made this photograph in Eaton from the town beach, which is within a few miles of where we live in Freedom. I guess I could have stayed closer to home, but my wife wanted to get out after a day or so of rain. Camera in hand, I obliged.

Until next time...

Last Shades of Autumn - Eaton Town Beach

Store Fronts After Dark

Do you ever walk through the retail district where you live after dark? Why not take your camera with you when you go? Store windows are usually well lit and contain interesting and sometimes comic displays.

Remember, that if you are shooting in JPEG, you will need to change the White Balance setting on your camera to either Tungsten or Florescent. The setting will be determined by the type of lights used in the display. If you can't determine which, take a shot at each setting. Don't forget to reset your White Balance setting to Daylight when you are done photographing for the night.

Until next time...

Pet Shop Window After Dark

Wolfeboro Park at Night

Photographs made at night give a new dimension to the use of light in the image. In this case, that is in the form of the star-burst around each of the lamps in the photo and the star-burst pattern on the ground caused by the nearest lamp. You will be surprised how much light will be collected by your sensor when the shutter stays open for an extended period of time.

When making these types of images, a good tripod is a must. That said, placing your camera on the ground, a bench, or a retaining wall can suffice. Any movement, however, will cause the image to be unusable.

For this image, my settings were 26 seconds at f16 with the ISO set to 500. I wanted to keep the shutter speed between 25 and 30 seconds. If you exceed 30 seconds, most cameras force you to use 'bulb' as the shutter setting. This requires that you use an external trigger, which will cause the shutter to stay open for as long as you hold in the shutter button. I also wanted to have an aperture setting of f16 so I would get the star-burst effect around the lamps. After making the 'must' settings, I adjusted the ISO to 500 to obtain the proper exposure.

Modern digital cameras make this process a lot simpler than in the days of film, when reciprocity failure also needed to be factored into the proper exposure equation.

Until next time...

Night at the Park in Wolfeboro

On the B&M Main Line

This is a 7-shot panorama that I made on Wednesday on the old Boston & Maine main line that ran from Boston to North Conway. You can see this scene on Saturday or Sunday by taking the train northbound from the Silver Lake Railroad Station in Madison, New Hampshire.

See you there!

Until next time...

Panorama on the Main Line - SLRR

The Maples Are Popping in New Hampshire

I have been seeing solitary maples in full color in some of the low lying wet areas south of Conway. I like the way they stand out against the green background. The dark bark on this particular tree makes the reds on the leaves especially stunning.

I photographed this tree along the right-of-way of the Silver Lake Railroad. This Saturday, you can come and ride. There will be two train photo ops on the main line on that day, one for the 9:30am departure and another during the 3pm departure.

Until next time...

Autumn Maple Solitare - SLRR

Splash of Color on the SLRR

On Monday, I was heading northbound doing some engineer training on the Silver Lake Railroad. I had noticed a lot of color on Sunday while we were mowing the right-of-way, but I had no camera with me at that time. Yesterday, during my training, I did not make that mistake again.

This is an image that I made from behind the engine looking southbound. The beaver meadows along the sides of the main line are alive with color. Do you want to see this scene in person? We are having our Rail Fan Day this coming Saturday, 27 September 2014, at the Silver Lake Railroad.

I hope to see you there!

Until next time...

Southbound on the Silver Lake RR as Autumn Arrives

Silver Lake Station

I wanted to take this opportunity to put in a plug for Rail Fan Day at the Silver Lake Railroad which is scheduled for Saturday, 27 September 2014. I will be the conductor on each passenger train of the day and would love to see all of you there. The first trip of the day will include a photo opportunity on the main line.

I made this evening image of the station on the last Classic Car Night of the season a few weeks ago.

Until next time...

Silver Lake Station - Car Night

Ascent Into The Clouds

An ascent into the clouds is not only used with regard to aviation. It is also a phrase that can be used to describe one of the Mount Washington Cog Railway's set of engines and rail cars as they leave Marshfield Station.

On this particular day, the train would be entering a cloud base that wreathed the mountain, while leaving the summit above the clouds like the tonsure of a medieval friar.

Clicking on the image below will open a new window in your browser at the url for this location.

Until next time...

Ancient Helmet - Modern Heads

After 83 years of sharing their collection of medieval arms and armor with the public, the Higgins Armory Museum closed it's doors. In March, 2014, the Worcester Art Museum began exhibiting the core of that collection in a permanent gallery called "Knights." I have visited the new location of the exhibit and I am impressed with what WAM has done with the integration of period art into the arms and armor offering. Several of my favorite pieces from Higgins are not on display at present, but hopefully these will be cycled through as time passes.

I waited for several minutes for this image to take shape. This is the juxtaposed photograph that I had in mind for the final result. For me, at least, it was worth the wait.

If you click on the image below, a new window will open with more information about the exhibit.

Until next time...

My Daily Fun Blog - Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel is located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at the northern end of Crawford Notch. The hotel first opened in 1902. It was designed by Charles Alling Gifford and has a strong Spanish influence. This site has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

I took this image from the far side of Route 302. The bright white of the structure and the contrasting red of the roofs nestled in the midst of green conifers with low clouds overhead appealed to my senses, causing me to stop and make this image.

Until next time...

Mount Washington Hotel From Route 302

My Daily Fun Blog - More From The Marketplace

This image is from my recent stroll through the Mills Falls Marketplace in Meredith, New Hampshire. I made this photograph just before leaving the venue. Lesson: always keep your eyes open, even if you have walked through an area beforehand. A change in the light, a slightly different viewing angle, or a new perspective can lead to an image that had been previously discounted.

From this perspective, I liked the way the light is playing off the stone retaining wall and the far fence. There is also the hint of the sun in the upper left-hand corner, the cupola highlighted against the blue sky, and the mystery of what lies behind the smoked glass enclosure. 

Until next time...

Gusippe's at Mills Falls Marketplace