My Daily Fun Blog - Super Moon #2

With the advent of another super moon rapidly approaching, I wanted to show a second image that I took of the first super moon. This image is different from yesterday's post in that it is a close-up of the moon and not as environmental as the previous post. However, to give a sense of perspective of the moon, with regard to the earth, I included a small amount of the surrounding environment, which I keep in silhouette, so as not to detract from the main subject of the image.

For those in the vicinity of East Madison, where this shot was made, go to the end of King Pine Road. There is another road on the right that takes you to the summit of the King Pine ski lifts. The view is fantastic and, hopefully, the mosquitos will be less prevalent. This is private property so getting permission from Purity Springs Resorts is probably advisable.

Until next time...

Super Moon Close-Up from King Pine.jpg