Wolfeboro Park at Night

Photographs made at night give a new dimension to the use of light in the image. In this case, that is in the form of the star-burst around each of the lamps in the photo and the star-burst pattern on the ground caused by the nearest lamp. You will be surprised how much light will be collected by your sensor when the shutter stays open for an extended period of time.

When making these types of images, a good tripod is a must. That said, placing your camera on the ground, a bench, or a retaining wall can suffice. Any movement, however, will cause the image to be unusable.

For this image, my settings were 26 seconds at f16 with the ISO set to 500. I wanted to keep the shutter speed between 25 and 30 seconds. If you exceed 30 seconds, most cameras force you to use 'bulb' as the shutter setting. This requires that you use an external trigger, which will cause the shutter to stay open for as long as you hold in the shutter button. I also wanted to have an aperture setting of f16 so I would get the star-burst effect around the lamps. After making the 'must' settings, I adjusted the ISO to 500 to obtain the proper exposure.

Modern digital cameras make this process a lot simpler than in the days of film, when reciprocity failure also needed to be factored into the proper exposure equation.

Until next time...

Night at the Park in Wolfeboro