My Daily Fun Blog - Looking Back

I took a short drive yesterday to Meredith, New Hampshire. I went, specifically, to the Weir's Dock and to the scenic railroad a little farther up the road. I strolled around both of these venues. When I returned to Meredith, I pulled into the parking lot for Mill Falls, which I had noticed earlier.

The pathways are quite scenic and nearly devoid, this time of year, of tourists. This is a plus photographically. It gave me the opportunity to make images without people getting in the shots. One of the things I learned a long time ago, while making images, is to turn around occasionally and look back. This photo was made as a result of looking back. 

It came to me that even if you are not photographing, but rather taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery, taking the time to look where you have been can give you a new perspective on where you are.

Until next time...