My Daily Fun Blog - Glen Ellis Falls Scouting Trip

While my wife was with her quilting group, I had decided to do some client work. However, I put that assignment off until another day for one major reason: not a cloud in the sky and I was on assignment to make some rural landscape images. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate before the week is out.

Since my X-T1 and prime lenses were ready to go, I traveled to Glen Ellis Falls in the White Mountains National Forest to do a little scouting. The shots I took were all hand-held, bracketed (+1,0,-1) sequences. The venue was rife with tourists and using a tripod was probably out of the question. Besides, I didn't know what I was going to find after hiking to the falls and did not want to carry one until I knew more.

Post-processing consisted of stitching the images together to attain a better dynamic range, adjusting the image to how I remember seeing it, and adding a texture to the photograph. I do like the way the shadow of the gorge wall plays in the lower part of the falls. Hint: I got the water to appear creamy instead of being frozen-in-time by closing down my lens as far as it would go. That is to say, with this lens my f-stop was set to f16.

Until next time...

Glen Ellis Falls - Scouting Trip.jpg