A Photo I Did Not Make

I did not take this photo of my mother and I don't know who did. I do know she was not married at the time (no wedding or engagement rings), It was most likely not taken by a member of her family. My father was an avid photographer and he may have been the image maker, but I am not sure.

My mother gave the negative for this image to one of my brothers-in-law and I acquired it from him. I scanned the negative into my computer using my Epson V500, and after a number of failed attempts, was successful. I used as many of the clean options as I could (ICE, etc.)

The image was next cleaned of dust spots and scratches. The ground was littered with fallen leaves and some food and water dishes (probably for the outdoor pets around the farm.) These were likewise eliminated. Mom's face is slightly out of focus and I managed to do some correction there, but you can only do so much. Next I brightened my mother in the photo using a couple of techniques and finally cropped the image to eliminate the black border that surrounded the negative.

This image has been printed on Canson Baryta paper and the final result is quite stunning. I am glad to have it and I hope both my sisters feel the same.

Until next time...

Mom - Unmarried - Photographer Unknown