Lincoln Woods Trail

We hiked this trail in the White Mountains National Forest very recently from its start, off the Kancamagus Highway, to where it crosses Lincoln Brook at Franconia Falls. The trail is fairly wide, with shallow changes in elevation. The trail actually follows the roadbed of the former East Branch & Lincoln RR. This logging railroad was in operation from 1893 until 1948. As you can see in the following photograph, many of the old hemlock railroad ties are still in place. In fact, you may be able to see a railroad spike or two. 

The canopy above the trail is quite dense and allows only a small amount of light to filter to the trail floor. What attracted me to make this photograph was the shaft of light coming through the trees along with the white birch trees contrasting the darker trunks of the surrounding pines and hardwoods. The reflected glow of sunlight off the railroad ties leads ones eye to the clearing up ahead, then onward to the bend in the trail. What sort of adventure lies beyond? 

Until next time... 

Lincoln Woods Trail - EB&R RR Line.jpg