Misty Road at Danforth Bay

I took this photo a week or so ago on the Danforth Bay side of the campground. To clarify, Danforth Bay is the family camping area of the campground, while The Bluffs (where we are seasonal campers) is the area for more mature campers (50 years and up). The facilities of each campground are separate, and while children and grandchildren of Bluff seasonal campers can visit for up to 7 days a month, those under 21 years of age must use the facilities on the Danforth Bay side of the campground.

I took this photo while walking down to the lake on a misty evening. It reflects the secluded and pristine feel to this campground. This photo was taken, hand-held, with my Olympus OMD camera.

Until next time...

Danforth Road - Misty Evening.jpg