Lower Falls in the White Mountains

I am extending my travels into the White Mountains, while being a bit more particular about where I am visiting. So this trip, rather than try to visit many areas, I decided to concentrate on a couple of white-water centric areas. 

The day was primarily overcast, so concentrating on watery environments and eliminating the sky was my goal. As you can see from this image, there were some breaks in the cloud cover, which allowed me to capture the lit tree. Another factor that I needed to contend with was people. This is bike week in Louden, New Hampshire and motorcycles and their riders were everywhere on the Kancamagus Highway. So patience was the by-word for the day. 

You will probably notice the smoothness of the water. This was accomplished by using a long shutter speed (in some cases the shutter was open for nearly 30 seconds). To accomplish this during the mid-morning hours I used my Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter. It allowed me to add from 4 to 8 stops of light to the exposure.  By shooting in Aperture Priority the camera determined the correct exposure by adjusting the shutter speed to the appropriate value.

Until next time... 

Tree Glow at the Lower Falls - WMNF.jpg