Scouting Trip - White Mountains National Forest

Last week I made a scouting trip over the Kancamagus Highway through the White Mountains National Forest. It was very overcast for most of the day, but I took this opportunity to visit many of the overlooks on the highway, as well as some venues on the side roads. It also gave me the chance to take some GPS readings and to get the lay-of-the-land. I plan to extensively photograph this area during the upcoming summer and autumn, so knowing the best locations to shoot at various times of the day and night is important.  Having a Senior Pass also means I don't have to pay for park access.

For those who are 62 and over, you can get a Senior Pass at any national park, forest, or historical site. It costs either $10 or $20 (I don't remember which) and is good for the rest of your life. Much better than paying by-the-day or paying $80 annually for a card. A park ranger told me that some state parks will honor the card, so it is always a good idea to ask.

I use an iPhone app named 'The Photographer's Ephemeris'. It allows me to calculate sun/moon rises and sun/moon set for each day of the year and allows me to compensate for the elevation of the target subject. A valuable tool and well worth the nominal price. It is always best to know the time-line before you leave home, rather than arrive and discover that you guessed wrong.

This photograph was made using a Nikon D200 that has been modified to make images in the infrared color spectrum. 

Until next time...


Overcast Morning in Infrared - Kangamangus Highway.jpg