The Pool at The Bluffs

Its hard to believe the difference between last Friday and this one. Last week it was cold, windy, and rainy. Today the temperatures are in the 90's. This week we had a bi-directional roof fan put into the vent in the master bedroom of the trailer. This should allow for more airflow and hopefully cut down on the need to run the air conditioning.

Elaine spent the afternoon playing Mahjong (for money no less). She came home with more money than she left with. Hope she can make enough to support me in my old age.

Today I have included a photograph that I took early last Monday with my Infrared camera. This camera has been converted from a normal DSLR to take photographs in the IR spectrum. I developed the image in a high-key fashion and applied a small amount of tint.

Until next time...

Morning at the Pools - The Bluffs.jpg