Shooting Flowers in the Rain

Lone Raining Morning Tulip.jpg

Cloudy days with a light rain produces both droplets of water on a flower and a soft light which amplifies the fragility and the beauty of the organism. Yes, one could use a spray bottle to get the droplet effect, but the soft box effect in a natural light situation can not be so easily duplicated. Another benefit is being able to shoot at any time of the day without producing a high contrast look.

Most pro-level cameras, as well as many consumer-level DSLR's and lenses are weather sealed. If you are not sure about your camera, you can always use a rain-hood (shower caps are an inexpensive alternative). Try making your photograph from under an umbrella. Don't be afraid to use a point-and-shoot camera. Just keep it dry. The important thing to remember is to keep the glass at the end of the lens free from water and to keep the camera stabilized.

I want to thank my neighbors Kelly and Chris for having the tulip which allowed me to make this image. A signed print is headed your way.

Until next time...